Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonez

I haven't watched it yet but everyone is going on and on about watching it over and over:

I have to wait for the store to be empty so I can really digest it.


  1. Yeah, it is weird. Everyone is all into it but I kind of wasn't either. I don't know. He doesn't make horrible movies, sometimes.

  2. It might be really good or really bad or somewhere inbetween.

  3. This is the only place on the internet where I feel safe saying how lame this looks.

    I think I will have to take a vacation and not be in america when this comes out to avoid getting into arguments over it.

  4. It is weird cause as a film removed from the source material it doesn't look as bad to me. And then as a ex-kid who loves the source material I get kind of happy seeing it in film form but when all is said and done I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm just sort of middle on the road on it though. I'll gladly explain to people how Austin English won't be in the country because of this minor piece of art-haus cinema.

  5. if you go to see it with ear plugs and take mystic mushrooms
    it will still not return you to the safety of your childhood
    but may induce the disappointment of your first funeral

  6. "I have to wait for the store to empty." So true...the customers are the enemy. They're always preventing me from watching heavily linked youtube trailers as well.

    Do people even read this far back in a blog to look at comments? What a lonely thought. I will also reveal in this post that I never finished a bunch of max ophuls movies I netflixed.