Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brujeria aftermath.

I got to see Brujeria last night and they were kind of amazing. They are a combination of totally shitty garage punk and mosh heavy grindcore and a hip hop show. It sounds bad but it had to be seen to be believed. The whole time I was thinking about how amazing it is that Shane Embury is in that band and that he is so much this guy who has just made that kind insane music his life. Here is a great interview with him. Also Juan Brujo is my hero.


  1. i love this ad
    you can buy it at most record stores
    go to this section and look under brujeria
    they have meny albums but get the one
    with these titles
    1 mollesting dead children
    2 cutting off that dudes head
    3 murder now for the future
    square old ladies will testify that this is crap
    so make sure to pick up a t-shirt too

  2. fuck that...
    i'll take tommy chong singing 'beaners' any day.
    plus these 'mexicans' don't know how to be as extreme as my homies from brazil--os mutantes

  3. also my son listens to morbid angel,cannibal corpse and pig destroyer...all completely harmless.