Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Movie Tuesday

Today we got in a ton of great movies. DVDs come in on Tuesdays like comics come in on Wednesdays, who knew?

The Skull directed by Freddie Francis starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee
Black Sabbath and Black Sunday directed by Mario Bava
V the Complete Series
In Living Color season one
Quatermass and the Pit the original TV version
The Hills Have Eyes directed by Wes Craven
The Pee-Wee Herman Show the original live stage show
Shock Waves starring Peter Cushing
Mother, Jugs & Speed directed by Peter Yates
Brigham Young starring Tyrone Power and Vincent Price
The Addams Family volume one, two and three

And a bunch more as usual. All highly enjoyable.


  1. 1 ticket please
    on the charlie bobo railroad

  2. One thing that I miss about 80s TV is that influence of Hollywood Shuffle and the self-awareness of positive culture vs. fitting in with the really stupid shit in mass culture. I'm so glad I got to grow up with that.

  3. i see what you mean
    i did'nt even notice it before
    but i think your right
    there is still some of that these days
    but i seems more sarcasticy and snotty

  4. and get a brim on that hat

    that was in my head this mourning