Monday, March 23, 2009

The Ultimate Warrior

So this movie is basically the link between I Am Legend and Road Warrior. If you combined it and Death Race 2000 you'd have the Road Warrior. Pretty amazing movie and a sort of improvement on Omega Man. But also one of those movies where it doesn't seem like anybody could fight well enough to be called the Ultimate Warrior. Max Von Sydow and Yul Brynner:


  1. in the future of the past fighting standards are down a bit

  2. Should I be buying this? It on Amazon but not Netflix

  3. I don't know...I own it but it isn't really a "Ben Catmull movie" if you get my drift. I haven't watched the other movie on the disk. It is kind of that thing where I'm really into that era of film making right now. I'd recommend this more:
    Chosen Survivors/Earth Dies Screaming. You should check out more scenes online for Ultimate Warrior.