Thursday, October 29, 2009



in 1989, while sitting in the backseat pf my mom's car driving near Dallas, TX, I saw a UFO very similar to this:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Dreams

This is the single funniest bit of film I've seen since the first time I saw Strange Brew or the last time I saw Ghost Busters. Enjoy Estelle Getty at her best:

dudes, rad dude draw'n a rad dude, rad dudez

Sunday, October 25, 2009

it is what it is...

this dude is using the internet correctly:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Like Static and Cling

I just watched this amazing movie called Foos: A History of American Foosball. This movie is so much what I've always wanted the other subculture movies to be. It is about the lives of about 10 or so old famous Foosball players and it really deals with the history of the game. So worth seeing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

we are all doomed...

(bonus: play them at the same time- listen to the national geographic video while watching the hedorah video)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Hill

The whole damn movie is on youtube. And also out on DVD. The Hill is one of my favorite Sidney Lumet films (along with the Offense)

And there is this giant interview with Lumet up too:

From a website that I could spend 10 years watching:

it's all the same song in my head

tap that


roger's old ladie

Not Quite Hollywood is amazing.

It has a bad name (I mean an Ameri-centric one). And WAY too much Quentin Tarantino but besides that it is a totally amazing history of Australian genre films. It isn't long enough and I know it leaves some stuff out but it has really good coverage of the main threads of Australian drive-in films.

I think the whole thing is on utube with Portuguese subs.

It is totally worth renting in spite of big chin mcdoogle.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fred Meyers Hates You

And they are jerks to their employees:

Some joker tells you why Hong Sang-Soo is amazing.

and more on his new one:

"Famous for his films of men being afraid..."
"The source of a man's power is women..."
All bullshit,listen to his quote at the end.

There aren't a lot of his movies on line. And previews don't do his movies justice. Neither do other people's opinions.

And here is a intertubepage about him.

yes it is

this weeks fashon tipz



A gang patch is usually known as a “patch” or as “colours”. A patch is normally sewn onto a sleeveless leather or denim vest which is sometimes known as a “cut off” or a “half jacket”.

A gang patch is an extremely important possession for a gang member because it represents his commitment and dedication to the gang. He is expected to protect his patch at all costs and risks getting kicked out if he loses it.

Some gang members wear their patch frequently and others wear theirs only when they have to, because of the attention that it brings from the police and other law enforcement officials.

Gang members are expected to wear their patch at gang meetings and functions. Most motorcycle gangs have rules that members must wear their patch when riding their motorbike. Many bikie gangs have the rule that patches must not be worn inside vehicles.

It’s very common for patchmembers to wear T-shirts from other chapters of their gang and these are often swapped amongst members.

A gang patch (and all items bearing the gangs name) remains the property of the gang and must be returned when the patchmember leaves the gang.

For information about banning gang patches, please refer to the Getting Tough on Gangs section.


The type of patch worn by outlaw gangs is known as a “three-piece” patch. It consists of a “Top Rocker”, “Colours” and a “Bottom Rocker”.


Gang members often personalise the front of their patch vest by adding badges. Some gangs have strict rules about what badges can be worn and others don’t. Badges may include the wearers gang and chapter, rank or status (eg “Life member”), nickname, years of service, special occasions they have attended (anniversary parties etc), drug use or other things that have some meaning to the member.


The “1%” badge symbolises that the wearer is an outlaw or criminal.
This comes from a supposed quote from the American Motorcycle Association that 99% of motorcyclists were honest, law-abiding citizens and that only 1% were bad.

This refers to cannabis and indicates that the person is a smoker. “M” for marijuana, is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet.

“F--k The World.” This is often seen as a tattoo.

"In Memory Of". This is sometimes seen as a badge to commemorate the death of a gang member.

Some gangs award badges for a certain amount of service, such as ten years as a patchmember.

Some gangs award badges for a certain amount of service, such as ten years as a patchmember.

A “side rocker” is similar to a “bottom rocker” and often contains the name of the chapter that the member belongs to.

These are worn by a small number of gangs and show every year that a person has been a patchmember.

In most New Zealand gangs, the only people who are allowed to wear clothing with the gangs name on it are patchmembers.

Gang clothing worn by prospects varies from gang to gang. Some motorcycle gang prospects wear a bottom rocker and a MC badge (as shown above), although the prospects of a couple of clubs wear a “top rocker” bearing the gangs name instead.

In some gangs, prospects are allowed to wear chapter T-shirts which includes the gangs name and symbol.




This map shows where New Zealand motorbike gangs have a chapter or a significant presence.



A selection of Black Power patches. All feature the gangs closed-fist symbol.
“Mangu Kaha” means “Black Power” in Maori.


A selection of Mongrel Mob patches. All Mob patches feature some form of the gangs’ bulldog symbol.


There are a number of other gangs in New Zealand that wear patches or gang tee-shirts. These include the King Cobras, the Nomads, the Stormtroopers and the Tribal Huk.


There are some other groups that wear three-piece patches similar to those worn by Outlaw Clubs. These include Christian clubs (“CMC” on the rear of a patch means “Christian Motorcycle Club”) and military clubs (made up of current or former defence personnel).