Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Gathering

I'm into this movie. I shouldn't be but I like it. It is low key, and probably never even saw a theater. It stars a weirdly strung out Christina Ricca as a lady who shows up in a field, get hits by a car and can't remember anything.

I'm mostly interested in this movie because of the weird Christian historiography it revolves around. It follows in the footsteps of about a million great British horror movies and owes an obvious debt to the Omen, the Wicker Man and Hammer films. The cinematography is pretty low key. Some people hate this kind of un-fancy film making but for me it allows for more focus on the story, the acting and the cinematography itself (being less distracted by excess technique.

There are some great British character actors, which is always a treat. And the director (Brian Gilbert) has a track record of films like Wilde that hints at a more complex approach to film making than you'd usually find in a movie about Christian stuff (First Power or the Seventh Sign). All in all, not a bad movie which is easily one of the better recent "supernatural thrillers". Not great, however.

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