Monday, April 12, 2010



  1. I still love this era of Floyd more than any other. Have you seen the live in Pompeii? I like that Syd stuff but this stuff meets my needs even more. Too bad Roger Waters took over.

  2. This is my favorite song by them ever from that Pompeii thing.
    I think metal bands have been secretly (and not so) ripping them off ever since then.

  3. yeah- i love syd's era, especially stuff like interstellar overdrive, but some of it was more like goofy/maniacal pop songs, which i also love, but post syd/pre-darkside is my favorite era of floyd as well. so much exploring: ummagumma, atom heart mother, meddle, obscured by clouds- all so perfect and different and interesting.

    i like their later stuff, too, but i think the success of darkside really changed and possibly ruined them and they spent the rest of their time trying to repeat themselves.