Friday, February 12, 2010

the new mad balls series 1

when i was in 2nd grade i'd stair at the ads for the og madballs in my star comics{marvels short lived kids line at the time}
i wanted them so bad but could'nt seal the deal with my folks the few times i actually found one in a store
they'v illuded me ever since
so i'm soooooo stoked that they'r back from the grave in a new gross squishy form
this is series 1 treres also a series 2 out now which i'll persue when my money bag gets a little buffer

the skull has spiders in hi brains
that dude w/ the mesh gets all exploding brain style
ant the other guy has at least 6 eyes
too cool


  1. i love madballs so much! i still have the baseball one from the original series.

  2. they may have been my first door into the world of wolverton roth style art
    i can't say for sure since my uncle is a hot rod guy i may have seen something over his sholder but that ad in my peter porker was the cornerstone of tilt