Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Greatest Music Video Ever???

Speaking of David Lee Roth:
Can you get away with this sort of blatant offense on national TV nowadays??? A Felliniesque remnant from less P.C. days... On my lunch breaks at work, I used to watch a VHS tape of this video about four times a day to relieve mindnumbing stress and make the world seem like an exciting place full of possibilities again...

The first time I showed this vid to my wife, I had a hard time explaining just how at the time, DLR [who appears here in a dazzling array of assless chaps, rainbow-colored off-the-shoulder tops, and what seem to be women's swimsuits???] seemed like the most heterosexual man ON EARTH to my teenage peers!

"Son of a biscuit... My ancestors spit on your haircut!"

1 comment:

  1. i totaly forgot about that opening sequence
    i want a whole movie of that
    please god style being
    gim'me gim'me gim'me