Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, you all wish you wrote this book and did this this cover. There are some great reviews at Amazon:

Cyborg: Amaryllis is a cyborg hunter, along with two dozen other hunters they are sent on a mission to hunt and kill rogue cyborgs. Cyborgs were created by man but then they started humanizing. This created a scare amongst the humans and the decision to eradicate them was made. Amaryllis's ship was captured by the cyborgs that she was sent to kill. The cyborgs take her and her crew members to their new hide-away planet and expect Amaryllis to mate with them because they have such few females. She is expected to mate with no less than two but no more than four cyborgs to ensure the growth of the new planet.
Amaryllis just wants to go home, she is a soldier not a baby maker.
INTERESTING BOOK....I DID NOT PUT IT DOWN...READ IT COVER TO COVER... Graphic scenes, detailed, threesomes, light bondage, an Alpha-male book totally. What's better than one alpha-male ??? THREE !!! I DEFINETLY [sic]WILL BE READING MORE THAN THIS AUTHOR.

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