Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whatever you do.

Don't got to this Carrow's:
They don't care.
"A receipt is usually handed to a customer, not placed on a counter out of a customer's reach."
They have so many great bad reviews.


  1. this was my old post office

  2. And this was written on yelp about me

    "I checked with the snot nosed customer service clerk and was told that they were way to busy and couldn't spare anyone to go up with us to shop. I counted six employees in the store after being told they couldn't spare the help. Worst, 5 minutes later as we pursed the downstairs comics a gentleman with a very thick accent and not a great grasp of the English language came in and asked the same snot nosed kid (you know who you are with your taped and chipped up glasses) if he could get him a specific book. The kid pointed him in the direction of the item and then proclaimed loudly enough for everyone to hear "what is it with Europeans thinking that Customer Service means going and getting them what they want." "

    boy did i get in hot water for that one. half