Saturday, September 11, 2010

"The lockdown was lifted after the pony was blown up"

Because nothing crazy has happened in Florida for almost 20 whole minutes, an Orlando police team decided that the best way to handle a plush toy pony left in a public park was to skip the "lost and found" hassle and just blow it up. The park is immediately adjacent to Waterbridge Elementary School, which police apparently did not consider calling to ask if anyone had lost their toy horse. Fortunately, the Orlando bomb squad waited for camera crews to arrive, so we can all enjoy the exploding toy horse that will surely haunt the children of Waterbridge for many years to come.

The Sentinel's Prieto writes of the school, "Students at nearby Waterbridge Elementary School were placed on a modified lockdown in which no one was allowed in or out of the building during the investigation. The lockdown was lifted after the pony was blown up."

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Bomb Squad Blows Up Toy Pony, Terrifying Nearby Grade School

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  1. ahhh yes
    man, the thinking animal
    i once saw a man sleeping on a park bench
    i poured gasoline & a flamed match on him
    take no chances