Thursday, July 8, 2010

fav danzig

i dig twist of cain as a song mildly more but this vid is dope

this is sheas


  1. I love how many videos he did in Black and White.

  2. Some other classics:
    I'm totally with you on the song Twist of Cain.
    And one nobody has ever chosen as a favorite:
    Killer Wolf is weird cause it is almost a story. I'm into how all his videos begin like movies about Danzig. He should have serialized them too.

  3. i'd never seen the vid for can't speak
    it's kinda cool
    jodorauski dune outlit is cool
    too much make up for my taste though

  4. never seen that can't speak vid
    kinda cool
    too much make up for my taster
    but i like that dune jacket

  5. haha
    that 1st post was killed by blogger but now it's back