Thursday, May 6, 2010



  1. Politics is actually really interesting, even if it is scary. One of the only way to fight shit like that is organize against it and learn about it.

  2. yeah i tend to agree with that belief but i'm not emoutionally resilient enough to put up with much investigation
    i can't keep my cool or rational
    i get really destuctive to my self over the relative ease of my life in contrast
    guilt or some such shit for being among the spoiled brats of this planet
    this has me leaning more into local food sources though

  3. Yeah, totally. I think learning helps me freak out less. If I know what I'm putting in my body then I don't freak out as much. It also lets me know why I feel sick all the time when I eat chips, sweets and drink soda.

  4. you don't even want to know where nuts come from