Saturday, March 20, 2010


Bring on the bad guy:
An interview with Brendan McCarthy about the new Spider-man series:

"I am trying to get away from comics 'aping' movie storytelling. Comics are not films, so panels don't have to be shaped like movie screens. Comics do not move or have sound. They are really, a completely different medium. I know people want to get Hollywood to buy their stories, but I think it's now getting boring to merely copy movie storytelling tropes. Comics are comics, a totally different form! Time for comics to cut loose again."


  1. Holy crap, i had no idea that the same guy did all of those things... i hadn't really payed attention to Brendan McCarthy, but lately i've been reading TONS of old Judge Dredd & i recognized his 2000AD style right away. I feel like i have to watch COneheads now.

  2. whoah... thanks! i will read that. i've been wishing someone would do a good spider-man story for years.

  3. if you dig a very little on his site theres some ditko comics that he recolors