Thursday, January 28, 2010

greatest living poet of our time


  1. i'm not really willing to back myself up on that headline
    i wish danzig was with'n this distance from me
    i'd give him some comics
    shit i should have give'n keith some comics too
    oh well
    i saw some dudes offer shit unto him but he just blank't it
    wrong place wrong time
    i'd hate to judge the werk of the living in that context anyhow
    seems like an invitation to regret

  2. this is the only picture that i got with my fone that came out
    some how this makes me opptimistic
    what about i have no clue

  3. Giving people stuff never works. They have to earn it to learn it.

  4. it was pretty amuse'n
    a dude was hand'n him a cd & gett'n stonwall'd as keith was handing out postcards the dude blaanced the cd on top of keiths hand and keith left it there keeping it balanced and handing the cards out untill someone took it off his hand
    it was like some next level shiga thing

  5. he was'nt even there to look at you
    money and big ass' that what keith comes for