Thursday, April 30, 2009

attention jaz

i just got into slade yesterday
i never knew they did cum on feel the noise
i had that same experience with 2000 man from the stones
i all ways thought it was a kiss song
any way slade is rule'n and i was telling dylan
and he said you we're the slade champ
then on the bus home yesterday this old rock'r dude got on and sat in front of me
he had a grip of rad patches on his coat
and when he got off i saw he had that slade fist patch on his back
any slade recomendations
please help a greenhorn

this is an addition
thanks to mr. sean aaberg


  1. All of Slade's output is good if you like it. My favorite song of their's is "Give us a goal", not sure if it's on any albums, but it's a soccer chant song. Noddy's vocals are glorious. If you're getting into Slade, you're opening up the big world of the more raucaus hooligan glam, so add Suzi Quatro to that. Also, get Cock Sparrer's earliest stuff, before they went Oi!, they sound like a ballsier Sweet.

  2. There's a Slade boxed set that's available as an import if you wanna take the big plunge--it's called THE SLADE BOX, natcherly. I keep meaning to get a copy myself--it cover the leaner later stuff as much as I think I'd want, and there's a lot of rare tracks scattered throughout.

    Really, a great into available domestically [finally a good Slade comp in the US!] is Shout Factory label's GET YER BOOTS ON--good sound quality too. Slade is more of a singles band anyway--I think there's another import 2-disc thing called VERY BEST OF SLADE [I have a greaaat DVD with the same title and cover that I bought from an import DVD place right thee in Portland--with glam rock, you NEED to see the clothes while yer rocking!], but their best studio LP is probably SLAYED? [the one with the the Slade-on-the-knuckles fist cover].